back to my roots

i was recently interviewed by Belinda Recio for a feature in Organic Spa Magazine.  the article just came out and i have to say i am a little nervous reading it...its been a long time since anyone has asked me questions about my inspiration and design influences, and i felt a little rusty coming up with cohesive answers.  it was really great to revisit some of the ideas behind my work, discovered in grad school, which i continue to hone still today. usually the discussion of my work revolved around the mechanics of running a wholesale and retail business.  not that nobody cares about the things that make me make my work, but those things definitely fall to the wayside in favor of line sheets and lead times and all the business-ey stuff of the day to day.  the experience of answering Belinda's questions has helped me get back to my roots of making, and to remember the things that are really important to me as i think about the future.


i feel more than lucky to do what i do, and be able to make a living at it.  its hard work, yes, but i think most people who are in the same boat will agree, its totally worth it.  i consider it a gift, to me, that my work speaks to people, and that they are willing to part with their hard earned money to own some.  to all of you i say thank you, for without you i would not be writing this.


happy new year.  may you love and be loved and find peace and joy in 2016, and beyond.





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