go time.

hello hello!  i can hardly believe this is my first blog post in what seems like forever, especially considering how crazy things have been lately!  i have been busy preparing for nynow, the big tradeshow in nyc, for the first time.  i have done many tradeshows during my 7 years in business, but this is by far the largest and has the potential to offer the biggest exposure.  i am a bit intimidated by this show for many reasons, but decided to let faith rule over fear and just get in there!

i am changing things up a bit with this year's offerings, eliminating from the production line a few of the tried and true designs, in favor of some new.  i'm looking forward to designing more in the future, and being less of a machine as far as the production goes.  i will still be making the old designs, but in a limited capacity. my body and my mind are ready for some new challenges!

pictured is one of the new designs, River Rock.  i'll be posting more in the coming weeks, and hopefully will be able to update from the trade show.  in removing myself from the majority of production i hope to focus more on some other projects, one of them being website updating!  i know i've said that before, but this time i mean it... :)

if you are a buyer going to the show, please stop by and visit. i'll be in the handmade designer maker section, booth 9146.


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