yoga and creativity workshops

yoga and creativity workshops

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this past weekend i was scheduled to host a yoga and creativity workshop at a local yoga studio.  sadly, nobody came.  alas, my friend suggested i go ahead with the art portion of it in my ceramic studio, and i thought that was a great idea.  plus, i had two bags of potatoes that needed to be used!

so, i invited some friends over for the next night.  the workshop was originally going to consist of about an hour of creativity nurturing yoga, followed by a potato printing workshop.  i don't really have any space in the shop for yoga (plus its super know, ceramics...)  so i decided to just go ahead with the printing part.

i set up a couple of tables to work on, and one for food and wine.  i was totally buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement that this was happening!  i was so excited to share this with my friends, and to be teaching again.  i was oddly surprised by this!  i felt like this was what i am supposed to be doing right now, in the bigger picture of things.  the rush of energy and positivity that i felt was unbound.  i felt supported by the universe and head was in the clouds, but i felt firmly grounded.

most of my friends are the creative types: artists, designers, and the like. i thought i wouldn't have to do much teaching, but i was wrong, in the best way.  my goal was to make it a fun, supported, pressure free night of art making.  there were others there who are not artists, and i wanted them to feel free to play. picture a little wine, some snacks, some laughs and some creativity.  so, when a couple of my friends expressed their fear around creating things, i was sooo happy!  happy that they could express that fear to me, and happy that i could help them overcome it, even celebrate it as a catalyst.  the teaching i ended up doing was more like facilitating, i think, and i loved it entirely.  

i'm not sure what shifted for me...maybe that it wasn't ceramics, but i think that's simplifying it a little.  i have been wanting to teach for a long time, but somehow it just wasn't flowing for me.  that's part of the reason i wanted to just do it impromptu style and with friends.  we were all learning and there was something special about being in that space together, both emotionally and physically.  the energy in the space was uplifting and everyone was supportive of everyone else.  love. 


so, suffice it to say i will be doing this again.  and not just 'making art' workshops, but creativity workshops.  i have a lot more to say about yoga and creativity that will come in a separate post, and will likely be the focus of a new venture for me, but i'm pretty sure that will be where i go with teaching.  a lot of folks come to me for business advice, but that is not where my strength lies.  i'm more interested in helping people live their lives more creatively, whether they make art or not.  i'm interested in facilitating freedom


so...look for updates about some workshops i'll be having at my studio in the coming weeks.  holiday card printing will be one, and i will most likely look for a space where we can do some yoga beforehand.  till then...let your freak flags fly, my lovelies!  


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