Tabbatha Henry

One on One Coaching


I've been in business since 2005, and have a ton of experience through sheer trial and error in how to make a successful business. I started by having a gallery and selling the work of other people, to selling my own early work through Etsy and at farmer's markets. Then I moved on to trade shows, reaching a global audience, to working with art consultants and interior designers on large installations.  All of this required a multitude of skillset to enter into and maintain these sales channels, including hiring and managing employees. Then I added a brick and mortar showroom of my own while still juggling wholesale and online sales.  I've pretty much done or tried it all and I'm happy to share what worked and what didn't so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. 


You have goals! You are serious about your work, getting it out there, and making it as good as it can be.  You are dedicated and driven, and willing to do the work necessary to grow. You are open to constructive criticism, and are not looking for a therapist.  You like to work hard but have fun doing it!  I like to keep it light, but serious.


I have been coaching other makers, artists, and business folks in an unofficial capacity for many, many years.  Friends and friends of friends would often reach out for support or advice on any number of topics from how to prepare for a trade show, to how to deal with art consultants, to critiques for bodies of work, and everything in between.  

As I said before, I've been in this business for a long time, and have learned many things, mostly the hard way. Throughout my career my drive to succeed kept me nimble and hungry.  Some of the things I tried were successful, some not so much.  This is great for you because you get to benefit from all my mistakes, and get a well rounded view of your options, regardless of your situation.  If I don't know something or don't have the experience in any certain area I'm willing to do the work to find you answers.

Additionally, I have received much coaching throughout my years, and a lot of good wisdom has been passed down to me, which I am excited to pass along to you.


I want you to succeed.  Its that simple.  Maybe you just need some one-time help bouncing some ideas around, or maybe you want long term help to prepare for a trade show next year? Whatever you are looking for I can offer you guidance tailored to your needs.  I believe in telling you the truth.  I believe in creating a roadmap for you to work with that is clear and supportive.  Think of me as your supportive partner on your journey to success.  In fact, I want our time together to be so successful that one day you don't need me anymore!


Just that. You get my full attention every time.

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We'll start with a 15 minute chat either via telephone or zoom to see how we might work together.  

During our meeting we'll decide if it makes sense to move forward, and together we'll come up with an amount of time and number of sessions that will work for your project or goal.
After that, you'll come back to this page to purchase the amount of time you'd like, and I will send you a link to schedule your time with me.

Questions?  Please reach out here.

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I look forward to working with you!