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It is our goal to create inspiring designs infused with nature, crafted with integrity. Each piece is made by hand in our Vermont studio. Assisted by Greg Socinski and Jenn Anthony, I cast, decorate, fire, and ship from an old grist mill, overlooking an ever-changing river in Northern Vermont. We do our best to create unique and inspiring works of art to be enjoyed for generations to come. 

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i have made room for you to join me in my waterbury studio! 

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The world of creativity is not exclusively our realm, and we know the  importantance of supporting other artists to cultivate a creative community. Tabbatha Henry is proud to offer artisinal, handcrafted items from our creative peers. 


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come to waterbury for some deep discounts on mildly wacky pieces!

handbuilding 1 :: the language of clay :: coffee cups (or beer...or wine...)   we'll cover the basics of handbuilding and designing objects in clay, while making a few mugs or cups for your favorite drink.  you'll learn traditional techniques using coils (black mug in image above), slabs (white

Happy 2017!  the studio(s!) are bustling as we prepare for NYNOW in early february and play with some new designs.  you may have already heard, but we've opened up a new production facility in burlington.  as of this past summer

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