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notes from the studio

Crikey, Time Flies

Crikey, Time Flies

Hey, Hi!

Its been a while!  I can't believe I haven't written since November. Crikey.

I had super high hopes to be in full swing making things by now, but it seems that life had other plans.  Its ok, or so I tell myself, because honestly I don't think I was ready yet. I wanted to be ready, and I said I was ready, but I feel like the universe just knew I really wasn't, and put a bunch of obstacles in my way to ensure I didn't get in there before my time. It worked out well though, because now I'm really excited to get in the studio and test out the new ideas I have, and fill some VERY overdue orders.  (sorry, and thank you for waiting...you know who you are!!)

Anyhoo...the plan was to be set up and making in February, if you can believe it.  I just got the kiln set up a couple of weeks ago, did my first firing last week, picked up some new clay, and started making work literally 2 days ago. More than 6 months after moving into the new space!!  Yikes.

Like riding a bike, the making is all coming back to me.  The muscle memory is there to work in clay, albeit a bit discombobulated...remembering orders of operations and figuring out how this new space will flow. I know it will take a little time to come together but it feels good to be back in there.

Also, this time around, it feels a little different than before.  I haven't poured in many years as I had others doing it as part of the business and we were making about 30 pieces per day if memory serves.  Now, though, I will not be anywhere near that capacity.  I am slow, and getting my clay legs under me again, so it might take a minute to get my groove back.  I am realizing how much I have missed it...like a limb was missing and has now grown back.  And, now that I'm doing it in less of a 'mass' production situation it feels like more intentional than before...like I am choosing it rather than just holding on to the train as it flies down the tracks.  Though it is still for business, and for making money, it is more than that this time.....it has another dimension of satisfying my soul and my purpose for being on this planet.  I have missed expressing myself and connecting with others via the work I produce.

Right now I am excited to get back to the more 'handmade' aspect of making the pieces.  A lot of the handmade character got lost in the more 'mass production' way of making.  For example, the rims were always just so in production, and I missed the wonky-ness of them that they had from being cut by hand.  Slow making.  That's what I'm doing now.  Slow, and intentional. And wonky.

And...in the meantime I have been painting and drawing to keep my creativity going...I am excited to see how it makes its way into my work. Above is a mural I did on a wall in my house!  But stay tuned for colorful dinnerware and more ceramic wall art!

What would you like to see in the shop? Shoot me an email and let me know!

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