5.15.24: kiln is able to be fired! clay is on its way! stay tuned! 5.15.24: kiln is able to be fired! clay is on its way! i will be making in no time! stay tuned!

notes from the studio

For the Wall

For the Wall

If you've been reading this blog at all you will know that I've been obsessed
with the form of the circle for a while.  For some reason, pre-pandemic,
I made a ton of different sized porcelain circles, ovals, and even some hexagonal shapes, just for good measure. 
They've been piling up in my living room, and I recently figured out what to do with them.
Abstract wall hangings!
I love the modern vibe they throw off, and the negative space.  I really love the different thicknesses of each piece in the oval one pictured.  In addition, they can hang in any direction and pretty much look awesome,
if I do say so myself. :)
These can be customized in so many ways!  Shape, size, color and style of the attachment....the possibilities are literally endless.  Its a bit overwhelming, actually, as I figure out how to make these available for sale. 
So, if you're interested in anything shoot me a note, or stay tuned for customization options here on the site.
As always thanks for being on this journey with me!  YOU make it possible! 
Mar 26, 2021

hi sharon,

yes this piece is available for sale! please email me at hello@tabbathahenry.com i’ve been trying to email you but it keeps getting bounced back to me.

thank you!

Mar 23, 2021

Really like the uniqueness of the middle candle holder in the photo above; I do not see that this is available for purchase on your website… Is it for sale?


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