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Watercolor Fun Time!

Watercolor Fun Time!

Hello from snowy Vermont!  I love this time of year because its (usually) nice and snowy, the nights are long, and it feels slow in the studio after the bustle of the holiday season.  Its nice to be able to take time to play outside in the snow, and inside in the studio with some new techniques.

When the pandemic first hit and we were all locked inside I found myself at a loss, like I'm sure so many of you did, too.  Since I had just moved the studio and everything was packed up and heaped in tto a big pile of boxes in the middle of the room, I was mostly unable to work in clay.  So, I pulled out all the art supplies I had accumulated over the years and decided to set up a little space at home.  I started working in watercolors and found it to be so fun!

To me watercolor is very process based, in the same way that ceramics is.  The material has a personality of its own, and I enjoyed getting to know it. I'm generally not a 2-D kind of gal, but I ended up letting go of that predisposition and just trying to have fun rather than worry about the outcome.  The images pictured here are a few of the pieces that I feel were semi-successful and worth sharing.  It was really nice to not worry about the outcome and just explore the medium.  Play is so important!

Now that I'm back in the shop full time, I've been playing around with my glazing (another thing I hardly ever do) in order to achieve some watercolor like results.  

Stay tuned for updates, and let me know what you think!



Feb 14, 2021

I love this whole presentation! How exciting to “play” with a craft you love and an art medium you also 💘


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