Round and round

Round and round


With the circle you know where you stand.  Within it is contained the beginning and the end.  There is no confusion.  No uncertainty.

I recently started making circles of all clay and in watercolor on paper.  I wasn't sure why at first, as I've always had a preference for the square, but there they were...coming from everywhere!  In Ingrid Fettell Lee's book Joyful she helped me understand what I somehow intuitively know: "it is a joyful shape."  She goes on to say this: "Circles have long been used as symbols of harmony and wholeness, in sacred traditions as well as secular ones....The circle's unbroken perimeter and even rate of curvature make it the most stable, complete, and inclusive shape."  

Suddenly I understood why I had been drawn to it, especially during this weird existance we all find ourselves in.  Not only is the circle joyful, but making them brings comfort, calm.  Its like meditation.  It is helping me stay sane and making me happy, and hopefully makes others happy too!

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